Peace be with you…

“Peace”- Freedom from disturbance; quiet and tranquility

In other words, “easier said than done” … or is it? Sure, I find “peace” in my hobbies and various activities I participate in… Basketball and its related counterparts have always intrigued me and brings about that “tranquility” many individuals strive for. Yet, am I truly at peace? No, I am not. It’s more of a state of agitation than a state of peace.

peace pic

Look at this man.. you can tell he is at peace. Coffee in hand dressing carefree. Almost envy him…

To be real with myself… as well as you, I’m probably the reason there is so much strife in my life.

From things such as finances, basketball injuries, trying to build a brand on the side, as well as juggling a full time position, let’s just say it’s a demanding and challenging experience… of which I love and hate; the dilemma. See, the thing about “the struggle” is God will expose you to be exactly who you are… as well as the peers around you, if they are true friends. It takes grit, serious grinding and impeccable networking skills. It also reveals to you the highs of success and the lows of failure. Then again, God will reveal to you the person you are when these dilemmas occur.

How will you counteract?

Will you give praise to the “Most High” (whatever religion you practice) for your blessings? Or are you going to act like God had no parts; but seek him only in hardship?

And then you wonder why you have no peace…

Peace isn’t about being rich, balling, “making it rain” … none of that shit. It’s a prime example of many iconic proverbs:

  • Mo money, Mo problems”- Notorious B.IG.
  • A Fool and his money are soon parted” – Granddad (and I’m sure many of yours as well)
  • Health is better than wealth

Peace is internal, and I’m grasping that concept more and more. I myself struggled to find peace and tried to find other outlets to cope with the frustrations of everyday life; and not basketball. My end result still left me empty and without a true calling, or feeling like I missed mine. That’s when I had to take a long sobering look at my reality and adjust my game plan:

  • I put things away hindering my growth, which in-turn hindered my peace
  • I started saving more and putting my money to positive use
  • I sharpened my networking skills (as the saying goes “Closed mouths don’t get fed”)
  • I prayed…a lot…and faith works wonders
peace be with u

Life gives you so many signs… and they are by words..

Today, I’m still nowhere CLOSE to where I want to be financially and even emotionally; but I’m aware. However, I have learned to not let that cloud my mind or control my actions since it has (in the past) interfered with my peace.

“This too shall pass”

And to my friends who do read these crazy blogs of mine. This is for you! Keep fighting that fight and don’t let money, a woman, a man, a crappy job, court dates, ANYTHING disrupt your peace! Wade the waters because there IS a light at the end of that tunnel…to tranquility. Just make sure you “peace” is there to enjoy the ride with you.

Mine is…



SIDENOTE: check out “The Little Book of Peace of Mind” by Susan Jeffers, Ph. D

peace book

Great Read!


Time is almost up and I finally can begin to hoop again…

Wuz up world!!!

Sorry it has been a minute since I last wrote to y’all… About 3 months ago (and 3 games into my basketball season) I sustained an injury to my right middle finger. A torn tendon that makes me unable to straighten my finger properly (mallet finger). And since this is my DOMINANT hand, these past 3 months have been a challenge to say the least.

mallet finger

It may not look bad..but this finger has been a HASSLE..

I quickly knew what ambidextrous was and how far I was from being that…

To sum it up, these past few months I have:

– broken 2 drinking glasses, 1 dish

– manage to fall in the shower (doubt my finger was really the blame though)

– can barely clean the house (breaking those dishes kinda hindered me from touching much else)

– my splint has slipped off my finger 3 times…gotta keep an eye out for that

Doctor told me if I reinjure this finger during the healing process, I would have to start from square one, which would mean another 2 to 3 months. NOT HAPPENING… hell I’d tape my Index finger to my Middle finger, use that as a splint, and return to hooping. However, this injury has also reminded me how much I NEEDED some rest… I can’t take that for granted… For people that know me on a personal level, know I have a lot of energy; even the Energizer Bunny would be slightly jealous. So you could imagine my mental when the doctor told me “No Basketball”. But I found other outlets to channel my energy to.

Running has been my go-to-outlet since my injury. Takes little to no effort to put some shoes on and just go (even though TYING my shoes has been a task with this finger). Another thing I do is work more during the weekend. While most folks rather relax and not do a damn thing on their weekend; I’m not really wired like that and choose not to. Granted we all need periods of rest; but I’m a “go getter” by nature. And since I can’t play the game at the moment, I might as well work around the injury and explore other avenues to this basketball world; it has been rewarding. #BallIsLife.


Good the good news from the Doc…time to go to work. 

But now the time is here (kinda), and in two weeks my splint will be coming off for good! However, I am slightly hesitant about returning to the hardwood. No lie, I’m scared to get hurt again or reinjuring my finger. And since basketball is a game of “majority” hand use, I’m a little skeptic. I’m not so worried about my own play per se; but the play of others. All it takes is the wrong move or a bad rebound or a pass for something to go South… That’s not what I want on my return to the court.

What I plan to do is take my time and not be so anxious to get my spot back. I now know the role I play in the grand scheme. The truth of the matter is NO team is perfect with just one man and one man cannot bring a team to victory. Team is everything; that’s why it’s 5 players your team; not just you against 5. I need all kids to know this… LeBron James (Cleveland Cavaliers) and Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), are great players but are INFERIOR when matched against 5 NBA players; hell I’ll even go as far to say even 5 NCAA Division 1 players… INFERIOR.

jim buckets

I don’t see 5 Jim Carrey’s beating Lebron or Steph tho.. lol.. 


Wish me luck and many blessings as I step back out there! I’m optimistic that by beginning of summer I’ll be around 95% healthy… enough time to gear up for the Goodman League. I just know these next couple of months will be nothing but basketball training and dedication. And since my finger is finally back to being “normal”, I’ll be sure to update y’all in the coming months. That way we can wade the waters together. Who knows, you could be having a similar issue as well…. I’m pulling for you!!!

Now excuse me while I go drop some buckets…

salt dre

OooooooOOOoo…Kill ’em


Love and Peace

Define “Happiness”…

Often, and I mean OFTEN, I get asked two questions. First, “Damn Dré, how many more years are you going to keep playing ball?” Easy. FOREVVVVVVVVVERRRRRR (in my Sandlot voice). Even though I’m currently dealing with a broken finger. The second question usually derives from conversations about relationships and the troubles my friends are going through…


How many women think this is true???


So, when are YOU going to get back out there and date? What’s taking so long? You want kids don’t you?” … tsk tsk tsk… This level of talk can get both irritating and overwhelming for us single folk. Sometimes it makes you ask yourself, am I EVER going to be happy with a significant other again? To feel the same feeling I had when I was first “In Love”? (JLO doesn’t count) Well, as I have approached 30, my outlook on dating has changed tremendously and has even led me to ask myself, “Who said I need to be married or even have a woman by 30?” Of course, when we were kids we had a pretty cool idea what we thought our future wife/husband would look like. I always thought I’d marry a woman that resembled Jennifer Lopez or Tyra Banks; can’t lose with that!!! However, I have neither but a dog name Polo,


Say hi Polo…

who stares at me every morning as I put on my robe and head downstairs to cook breakfast. Some folks might say I’m old or “washed”, but I’m ONLY 30 and for once in a long time I’m actually happy.

This isn’t the eating ice cream watching NETFLIX everyday “happy” …

I am legit happy with my life and how things are evolving. I have more of an understanding that I can only control what I do… everything else is in God’s hand, even a woman, that’s reality. People who know me know I have dated some great women… and some pretty shitty creatures (and that’s being nice). I have lost some great women on the account of my selfish actions and immaturity; and I’ve lost some women who were too selfish for me.

Nobody’s innocent…

The fact is we as humans make mistakes in life; some more reversible than others and “Thank God” we can live and learn from them. The kicker to dating at age 30 is that:

  • You know what you want
  • You know how the “love” feels, because we’ve all had a 1st love
  • You know what you don’t want

And the honorable mention: You don’t really “need” anyone…. [But yet you really do. For I am a firm believer that companionship is one of God’s true gifts. Try not to abuse it…]

Me personally, I struggle with not needing anyone (or thinking that) and knowing what I want. I’ve been in love three times my entire life, and they know who they are… I’m hoping me striking out those 3 times DOESN’T mean I’m out of the game…but rather changing my approach to the plate…  That feeling of love from a woman and it be reciprocated is truly a blessing from God…don’t abuse it. My struggle with knowing what I want in my future woman has been a true downfall of mine… Most of my friends say I’m “too picky’. But how do you know if you are being too picky? I mean, we all have a preference right? We are all entitled to desire what we feel we deserve; am I right? That is something that battles my mind and heart on a daily basis. Because when I’m turned off by something you said or did, it becomes a challenge to not view you in the negative light… and yet the SAME can be said about me…. and as humans, I have to learn to not be so judgmental, because that is a true downfall of mine…

And maybe that’s my “Karma”; finding a unicorn knowing damn well they don’t exist. Is it my fault for having high standards on what I deem to be “happiness” and “love”? By no stretch of the imagination am I Jesus himself… just ask my family and friends. They will keep it 100 with you; which is why I value all of them… “I thank you” … And the same thank you goes out to them for showing me that love is deeper than the surface and also any petty issues that may fester.

Facts: Petty attitudes and fights can disrupt any relationship. The ones that do survive turmoil denounce petty acts…they win and they get it.


I don’t know them personally, but it can be safe to say…”they get it

To all my exes (none of which are in Texas, ha!), I pray you do what’s best for you, same breath, don’t be too selfish with the ones you love. Speak up if you need to address something, try not to hold grudges and understand we are all humans… something I need to practice too… FACTS. Always stay focused on your goals and leave anyone in the dust if they try to clip your wings. I still want to see you soar…so fly high!!!

Wade the waters as always everyone


30 Something…

Wuz up world!

Most recently I have found a gray hair as I glanced into the mirror… right smack in my beard. It’s not my first gray hair, as I have had some that just “fell out” and never returned (thank you to the most high!). However, this one I believe is in for the long haul. I’m welcoming it with open arms and no hair dye. Plus, I’m YEARS away from that stage in my life. Although my dad always said I’d have tons of gray like my mom.

5 months into my 30’s and so much is going on outside of my own personal life, that may affect me directly or indirectly.

  • Loans are still being a leech to my side
  • Redskins didn’t make the playoffs
  • Obama’s have let the White House
  • Trump’s now in the White House
  • My jump shot is still wet (as most of you know, ball is life)
  • And… the Redskins didn’t make the damn playoffs

All my black friends who have money said the same thing when Trump got elected: “That’s it, bro, I’m out. I’m leaving the country, you coming with us?” Nah, I’m good dog, I’m going to stay here and get this tax break, see how it works out



What’s next? I mean, there is so much to be unfolded in Trump’s first 100 days, it could make this country’s head spin. And I pray it’s for the good of the people, not the 1%. As my man Dave Chappelle said, “I’m just here for the tax breaks” … Let’s see what his first year in office will produce.

Donald Trump Addresses GOP Lincoln Day Event In Michigan

How can I trust a man who doesn’t respect people, authority, and lacks integrity?…easy, I can’t.

However, in my 30 something brain I find myself asking more and more questions about this country’s citizens and not necessarily Trump… Because his is just a pawn… Last Friday, I happened to switch back and forth between the Inauguration and ESPN’s First Take. I watched First Take first because I was so against not watching the Inauguration, and even though my Redskins weren’t the topic of discussion, I was finding comfort in knowing the Cowboys weren’t either (#HTTR). However, I sensed by not watching the inauguration (or at least some aspects like Trump’s first speech as POTUS), I would be selling myself short and even more ignorant about MY country’s current affairs. And the speech delivered… to be a disappointment; even down to his future cabinet members, which is a topic for another day… But tuning into the ceremony I noticed how small the crowd was on the National Mall. Nothing even comparable to BOTH of Obama’s Inauguration ceremonies.


Angela Peoples, Co-director of the LGBT organization GetEqual… I knew I wasn’t the only one who felt this way. I thank you Angela for speaking up as well. She understands Amerikkka.

Yet, in my 30 something brain, that wasn’t a huge concern of mine. I’m pretty sure most of us knew Trump’s ceremony wasn’t going to be a packed house. But the way it was depicted on T.V. made it seem almost nonexistent. But how? And why didn’t the supporters who elected him show? We all know Hilary won the popular vote with an estimated 60 million votes, yet Trump wasn’t too far behind with an estimated 59 million. As I glanced at voting numbers, I start to become even more confused with our country’s true intent. According to Business Insider, 58% of whites voted for Trump, a vast gap between any other race (over 30%), with most of Trump supporters hailing from the rural and suburban areas.

Again, not surprised… what surprised me was Saturday’s Women’s March on Washington.

Over 300 THOUSAND people, women and men, in attendance protesting, singing, holding hands and carrying signs; making a CLEAR demand women deserve to be respected; as you all should. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart as I did witness beauty first hand… However, please understand that some of those women AND men that marched hand to hand with you Saturday, voted for the sexist, chauvinistic, and racist “man” that Amerikkka calls “president”. And the crazy thing is you don’t even know who she/he is because of the low numbers at the inauguration… this is NOT a coincidence. It’s a sad possibility to know that ladies protesting to protect their bodies voted for the same man grabbing them… All that being said, I hope my sisters had an open dialect with the white women to see where they are coming from, why “they” are protesting? I know why my black women are, what is everyone else’s rationale? Maybe there is an “alternative fact” and I don’t’ see it. I’ll just continue to Wade the Waters, as I pray you all do.


I mean….we will? and that is a HONEST question.

Stay blessed


Depression, It’s Levels to this….


“Life”, is by far the best gift my parents and God could have ever given me; besides food and basketball. Just to sit back and think of how blessed I am to be a part of this never ending journey to know “me” and who I am. For starters, I am 30 years of age, Black, and loves to help others, share knowledge as well as inherit it. So it was by no coincidence that I ran into someone very similar to me; and it was no coincidence how we began to teach each other about life, which in return, turned into a tight friendship. Let’s just call him Derrick.

Shortly after graduation from the greatest school ever, Tennessee State University, I embarked on a journey into the adult world with hopes of achieving everything I had my sights on. Next stop, Washington D.C., where I would become an employee for the government. Constantly playing basketball still, I was looking around the area for local gyms I can actually get a decent sweat… in the words of Meek Mill, “It’s levels to this Sh*t”.


Basketball and a supporting family saved me….

I arrived at this one particular gym on a Tuesday after work, I can’t forget it… The competition was great compared to the other local venues I have been to. The energy was on point, there was no complaining about calls being made, and they actually played a game to 13 in under 20 minutes…I was impressed.

[Sidenote] This is how the game SHOULD be played people [Sidenote]

But I digress… After about 3 hours of some solid hooping with some new people, I found myself being pretty cool with the majority. One person in particular was a hooper named Derrick. Homie could flat out ball and his court awareness was elite. Hell, I don’t know why he didn’t go pro; or at least try out. Standing about 6’7, the man was a force on the court; off the court, he was very soft spoken. We began an exchange of words about where we each played; whether it being high school, college or both, our personal ball play, and how we can spot a “New York City Hooper” anywhere…. We just clicked and felt like we been friends for years, like we grew up together, the backbone for a solid foundation.

Eight years later we are still just as tight as the day we met; but with way more insight on one another. At this point in our lives we are both doing well. He is about to become a husband and in 5 months, a father to his first child. I have been moving up in the working world and training for new positions and details. As I told Derrick, “It’s not as fast as I would like it, but I see growth nonetheless”. He has been the person to help me find the silver lining in these type of moments. “Slow money is better than no money; being stagnant or progressing will cost money regardless in the long run. Just stick to the course”. As quite as he was, he was always dishing out gems of advice. That’s when he began to fix his lips and say something very open and honest… “You know Dre, years back I was diagnosed with depression, even tried to kill myself once”.


How many times have you heard this from someone…and knew it was false?

Depression!?! This guy??? But he is so cool, very chill not really confrontational (to my knowledge) … “how you figured you were suffering from depression?” I mean… I’m going through stuff too in life, bills due, loans biting me in the ass, mortgage on top of house repairs/projects; work isn’t progressing as fast as I would like and that’s my bread and butter job. “I should be depressed too Derrick.” He chuckled and further explained that “depression is more than being late on bills, losing sleep and being worried about your next raise. Even though the things mentioned can make you feel depressed, it’s more so just circumstantial, not depression.“ He also mentioned how he went to a few doctors to make sure it wasn’t a false diagnosis, since folks around him were saying that he changed drastically. “Depression is when everything is going RIGHT, yet I still feel so sad and lonely, unaccomplished, worthless, a burden… because at one point in time, I felt hopeless; even when people spoke so highly of me…and all I can seem to think about is why am I even alive to begin with?” Folks would say, “Man I wanna be just like you”, with NO IDEA of how I feel, or that I just spent a solid 2 weeks in my bed, neglecting my dog. I just smirk and say “Naw, I wanna be like you!”.

This convo had me taken back… humbled me even… Derrick had some guts to say that so openly or maybe he really has found a way to tackle depression and change the stigma. He seems cool now, even though he tells me it’s a daily battle whether he is smiling all day or not… “it’s a daily battle.” Yes, I have shitty days, heck even a bad week, but to sleep for days/weeks, not eating, not coming out the house, suicide attempts, pet neglect, drinking hard liquor to take the pain away… I’ve never felt; but Derrick has and others like him in this world. “Basketball and a supporting family saved me Dré. Everyday it’s a battle, but to wake up and know I have my family AND basketball, you can’t tell me nothing right now…I will be fine.I feel like Derrick in a sense. Basketball has saved me and gotten me out of some trouble too…But not on his level. His story of depression was truly an eye-opener for me and made me appreciate the love I have around me. I personally need it as I wade the waters; finding my purpose to the existence my God and parents provided.

I will make you proud

To everyone that knows me on a personal level… “Thank you



Looking at the water I need to wade to find my salvation…. what do you need to wade through?

“But That’s My Whole Point!!!?”

The past two millenniums have produced many styles of recreation for us to enjoy… Wrestling, Boxing, Track and Field are all exceptional forms of entertainment. It is here where you learn to incorporate “wit” as well as “perseverance”… All for the sheer goal of becoming victorious…a badge that many of us wear with honor. And many of us wear that same badge when it comes to another American pastime… Arguing.


“I swear man, Larry Bird is my cousin! He just tweeted me!”

Argue- “An exchange or expression of opposite views, typically in a heated or passionate delivery”

Squabble, dispute, bicker, blame game (for you Kanye West fans), hell, “Be at each other’s throats”…whatever you call it, you have experienced this. And just like the three activities I mentioned in the intro… Arguing has withstood the test of time… It’s obvious that sports and debating are two different demands for human interaction. However, don’t they both have the same end result? Both situations require an opponent; almost always, someone has the upper hand; and there is always a loser or winner…or, if you’re like my Washington Redskins, you may “tie”

Folks love to call this the “agree to disagree” argument.

I recall back to one of my first arguments… It was with a close childhood friend of mine. We were fussing about this mysterious man that lived the woods. According to my homie David, he had two dogs and had killed at least 3 people (keyword there is according), I gave him the rebuttal that he is crazy, but not a killer; plus the cops would know if someone is missing. However, this was Ohio in 94 so maybe it wasn’t reported…. Nonetheless, after an hour of bickering back and forth we managed to work up enough courage and brave the woods in search of “The Man”. As a kid we tend to exaggerate a story or description of something. We both swore we were MILES into the woods…which in actuality, not even a quarter mile. Blame it on us having little legs… However, we saw the house in the woods…and the man. And he saw us. All it took was him starting at us for five seconds before we took off dashing home.

THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE… David had the fastest feet in Trotwood…and I got left in the dust. To this day he claims I was too slow, hell… I said he was TOO fast; one of those “agree to disagree” arguments. However, as we grew up we realized both of our claims against the man in the woods were false. Before leaving Ohio, I went back in those woods to see that house and the man again; not being as scared for some reason…He was actually a nice old man with a red and brown home. I met his family, learned he was an exceptional fisher, even in creek water… His name was Mr. Strider.


Even in politics. Everyone wants to be “right”…

Arguing can bring out the best or worst in you. As humans we have to learn how to control our temperament when in debates. We always want to be right; but you know sometimes it’s OK to say “Damn, I don’t know actually”.

I promise you the world will not end…and it if does, it wasn’t your fault…or maybe it was (JP)

I feel many fights come about just to “stir the pot” without any real substance or true agenda; an equivalent being those lame trolls on Twitter and Facebook And remember you can’t argue with everyone about everything.

From my days as a youngin’ arguing about whose better, The Three Ninjas or Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (TMNT- duh), to arguing today about who is the best candidate, Clinton or Trump? And just like sports, you will get some passionate “players” who feel they are an expert in the subject matter. If you do engage, do your research on the topic and even more, the person you’re debating. Trigger words are everything.

Word for the wise; when you wade the waters in this combative world, remember pick and choose your battles wisely…Focus on the war….Feel me?

Be safe out here




This is NOT a Coincidence

“The life of the nation is secure only while the nation is honest, truthful, and virtuous”– Frederick Douglass

I awoke from my sleep around 4:15 a.m. with so much on my mind about my people. I love “us” so much that I wish I could change everything with the snap of my finger. Recently I purchased a book by William C. Rhoden titled, “Forty Million Dollar Slaves”. So far, this book delivers… and has been a joy to learn so much about “us” in the sports realm; transitioning from once being slaves… which in-turn has kept me up at night with forty million questions about “us”, Amerikkka, our mental and physical power… how did we do it?

I don’t think it’s a leap at all when I say African Americans were BUILT the strongest in this country; over all races. My reasoning for this is strongly rooted by the 400+ years of breeding and slave trade in Amerikkka. Do your own research to verify, but many of the sick and “weak” Africans were either thrown overboard to the sharks or killed and disposed of in nobody purchased them in the states… The middle passage was nothing more than mass incarcerated ships, mixed with genocide.

“Fun” fact- Sharks learned to follow slave ships because they were a KNOWN source of food… picture that.


What made a good slave? A strong back, legs, and shoulders, a high buttocks that “depicts” agility and sturdiness. As well as the fear of punishment if they don’t obey their master. We were a commodity, a true cash crop, the ORIGINAL definition of Gross Domestic Product. And over centuries of slave trading and breeding, only the strong survived, the weak didn’t breed; that would be considered a loss and not a profit to the master.

In a nutshell, over 400+ years of slavery and breeding has led us to be a remarkable feature amongst all races currently in Amerikkka…fact, with no disrespect to anyone. The crazy thing is…we didn’t DO this to ourselves.

For example, let’s look at horse racing. You have invested in a horse who has won you many races. Yet, Father Time is weighing on your horse and his days of racing is numbered. However, his genetics are strong and needed for the next horse, if you want to keep being successful. As the owner, you meet with another horse owner across state. This owner happens to have a female horse, who has also won many races. An agreement between you and the owner is met; and two prized horses breeding can make for an exceptional stallion… and thus the cycle continues. Very similar to how slavery was, yet it is now transitioning to sports…and prisons.

Baseball, Football, Basketball are all now sports where whites are the minority and not the majority…they are the majority in ownership. With less than 5% blacks in “majority ownership” roles, Amerikkka tries to let us know where we stand. I’m sure folks might disagree and think “Well they have a choice to play and they make a killing”. Which is true, but what other options do people of color really have in Amerikkka? This country knew what they were doing by making us majority in sports. Remember what I said about what makes a strong slave??? It’s still the same prerequisite for what makes a great athlete…this is not a coincidence. At your next professional sports event, just take a look at the majority of the spectators watching a field or court of colored people play… this shit is not coincidence.


Props to ALL athletes that support the cause and awareness… “I Can’t Breathe” is similar to a cancer. Racism is a cancer…. where’s the cure?

Are we mentally strong as a people? No we are not… You would think the BLACK LIVES MATTER movement could put fire in the eyes of the sports icons we admire. However, only people like Kaepernick, Brandon Marshall, Adam Jones, and recently singer Leah Tysse have taken a stand (or rather a knee) on where they side with on the issues of Amerikkka. I thank you.

Just THINK if every athlete took a stand on the issues in this country whether it’s by boycotting or kneeling; this could cripple Amerikkka. Sports (as well as mass incarceration) is one of our main cash cows now that slavery has been abolished.

This is not a coincidence…

My people, we are so physically and more mentally strong than We or Amerikkka will ever give us credit for. And actually that’s not fine. Amerikkka has always found a way to keep blacks at bay while Amerikkka makes a profit out of “us”:

  • Slavery… Free labor, profits to the owner
  • Segregation… Self-funded primarily, no backing by the USA government 100%
  • Sports… we get paid 20-40% of what an owner makes. “Be a good boy/girl and take this money”
  • Prison (Read Slavery description again)
  • What’s next?

Even things like liquor stores on every corner and weed legalization; they want to keep us at bay and not mentally strong… They don’t want us WAKING UP!!! However, the good news is I truly believe Amerikkka (whether white, black, brown, yellow) is starting to become somewhat aware due to the media, protest, and good open conversation. I just pray “we”, Amerikkka doesn’t drop the ball on the awareness this country desperately need. WE HAVE WADE THE WATERS ENOUGH.

I think it’s time we got a rebuttal from the Amerikkka we built.


“Yeah, I love being famous…It’s almost like being white, ya know?”- Chris Rock

Brothers and Sisters

Stay Safe